We offer 3 services for our global clients to succeed in Japan.

Online Marketing

・Total Consulting

・Influencer Marketing

・Media Coverage

​・Online Campaign


・Community Building

・Offline Meetups

・Translation Service

Sales Agency

Contents Creation

・Article Writing


・Original Video / Movie

​・Graphics Designs

We offer localized services to help our clients succeed in Japan.

Japan is a promising cryptocurrency market. However, due to its peculiarities, it can be challenging for international companies to enter the Japanese market, and understanding the characteristics of Japanese companies and Japanese investors is a crucial step.


We are professionals in the Japanese cryptocurrency industry, and have strong ties with specialists in this field. Our team is made up of young and enthusiastic members, with extensive knowledge of the field, and we can help our international customers achieve their goals in Japan.


We aim to understand clients' needs and offer an optimal marketing strategy.

Our main strategy is to use online tools such as various social network systems and media to make our clients' company and services known in Japan.


We will analyze our clients’ needs and problems, and offer an optimal marketing strategy including budgets, setting KGI/KPI, and specific action plans.

Influencer Marketing

SNS play a key role in the world of cryptocurrency. We have strong ties with more than 30 influencers and we will match you with the influencer who can do the most for your company image.

Media Coverage

There are countless media channels in Japan. We shall select the ones that are both popular and have earned the public’s trust to publish articles and advertisements in order to make the Japanese market aware of our clients’ presence.

Online Campaign

We will use our knowledge of online marketing to develop a campaign that will address all our client’s needs and requests. We will look into both our client’s profile and our client’s target in order to build an optimal strategy. 


We offer support for the localization of your business. 

We will build up your brand image and support your business in Japan. We can assist both online and offline activities.

Community Building

We will build and manage your community in the long run. Our staff will support your community 24 hours 365 days. We will be your “voice” on the Japanese market, and inform your customers about the latest developments.

Translation Service

We offer translation services that are accurate and do not change the content of your business.  Due to its peculiar grammar, writing system, as well as the multilayered modes of expression, Japanese is one of the most complicated languages in the world, and it is a risk to let machines do the translation. Our team includes qualified translators that will be in charge of the linguistic aspects of marketing.

Offline Meetups

Offline meetups are a good strategy to build a strong community, and we can help organize such events according to your needs.

Sales Agency

 “None of our employees speaks Japanese.” “It is difficult to approach Japanese clients from abroad.” These are words we hear from our clients very often. We can approach your potential customers using our knowledge of the Japanese cryptocurrency market.


We will create content to best describe the originality and the strengths of your services.

We can write articles and create videos for marketing strategy. We know what the Japanese customers like and want, so let us help you.

Article Writing

We have staff who are experienced in writing, and who have knowledge about cryptocurrency in Japan. We will support the production of articles that describe your company and your business in a way that is both accurate and appealing to potential customers.


We can prepare for SEO and operate listing advertisements if needed. We will run analysis and set keywords in Japanese and build contents strategy.

Original Movies / Videos

Video contents are one of the most successful marketing strategies in many industries, and the cryptocurrency industry is not an exception. We can create short clips based on our clients’ brand and concept.

Designing Graphic

Our staff will design graphics for banners and advertisements. We promise to create the best content to satisfy our clients.

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