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List of cryptocurrency companies with a permission from Financial Services Agency in Japan — Part.1

Today, we will list up cryptocurrency companies with a permission from Financial Services Agency in Japan. As we mentioned in our last medium, restrictions are very strict.

As of May of 2019, there are 19 companies with the license.

List of companies with a license


MoneyPartners is a Tokyo Stock Exchange Listed Company and operates FX Exchange. As of now, they do not operate cryptocurrency exchange, but it has been announced that they will launch it in April of 2020.


QUOINE operates cryptocurrency exchange. They we re the first one to get the license from the Financial Services Agency and they have broaden their business to countries like Singapore.


bitFlyer operates cryptocurrency exchange as well. Their cryptocurrency exchange is the most popular exchange in Japan and transaction-free cryptocurrency FX is the most popular of all. From June 2019, they have changed thee highest leverage to 4, where it used to be 15.


bitbank also operates cryptocurrency exchange. They put a lot of emphasis on security and have won the trust from the investors. They have become number one in exchange dealing.

SBI Virtual Currencies

SBI Virtual Currencies operates financial services for major banks in Japan. For now, they only have cash transaction. Last April, everyone was surprised by the delisting of Bitcoin Cash, their subsidiary.

GMO Coin

GMO Coin is a subsidiary of GMO Internet Group, Tokyo Stock Exchange Listed Company. GMO Coin focuses on cryptocurrency and offers both cash and cryptocurrency.

huobi Japan

China’s main cryptocurrency exchange, huobi, acquired BitTrade, who already had a license in Japan. huobi Japan is not tied with huobi in China, so huobi Japan is not so popular of now. They are one of the key companies to check up on in Japanese cryptocurrency market.


BTCBOX is strongly tied with its original company in China. They have cryptocurrency financial service, but no so popular in Japan just yet.


BITPOINT Japan operates cryptocurrency exchange. They correspond with MT4 (MetaTrader4) which is very rare for a company with Cryptocurrency FX. They have business abroad and has a base in Asia.


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